The Cost of Freemasonry in the Lodge of Trinity

Being a Freemason costs both time and money. To get the most out of Freemasonry with the Lodge of Trinity, you should be prepared to:


  • Attend our regular Meetings in London three times a year, on Thursdays, and also come to our "Emergency" Meeting in Cambridge, usually on a Saturday.
    • This has recently been held as a "White Table" lunch, after the meeting in the morning.
    • Ladies and other non-Masonic guests are made welcome at this meeting.
  • Dine with the Brethren after each meeting, currently costing about £35 per dinner.
  • Pay Lodge dues of £130 per annum.
  • Possibly attend a local Lodge of Instruction.
  • Join our regular giving to charity, often covenanted, and realistically contribute at least £25 per annum.
  • Possibly join brethren that you meet at local Lodges, and invite them as visitors to the meetings of our Lodge.

Freemasons believe that a man should be able to afford membership without embarrassment to his family responsibilities.